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Volumi unici

Scoprite i volumi unici che abbiamo pubblicato

Museo della stampa

A Carlazzo il Museo della stampa: la stampa antica e moderna nella sua evoluzione.

Stampe antiche

Da noi in libreria troverete numerose stampe uniche sul Lago di Como.

Novità: libreria

E' aperta la libreria di Menaggio, in via Lusardi 30. Tutte le nostre pubblicazioni aoltre ai migliori libri in commericio.


"Our story is a long story..."
Publishers, Printers and Graphics in Menaggio since 1939


LibriAn editorial firm whose strong point is the ideas, language and the choice of subjects that are treated. An extensive and qualified photo archive enhances all our publications.

Books and printing

Arti graficheIn our bookshop, in addition to the most popular and most successful books and novels , you'll also find unique books and rare prints of Lake Como.
Join us in Menaggio, in Via Lusardi, to find the book or printing right for every occasion.

Graphic arts

LibreriaDesign, photography, writing lyrics and translations up to the final product. Since 2002, We have also produce CDs, DVDs and websites for all sectors.

Our last publishing

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Printing Museum of the Regio Insubrica

Ancient and modern printing, from mobile characters to computers is the theme of the museum set up in Carlazzo. On disply are antique-type lithographic presses, machines for the casting of the lead characters, the first cameras dating back to the end of the nineteenth century,and ancient books dating from 1700. All material on show is accompanied by explanatory panels in Italian and English.